Tina & Russell  - Shades of Blue - 200 Guests - San Leandro, California

When I met Tina she said all she wanted was a wedding that she would never forget, but that she
didn't know how to plan it.  The only thing she was sure of is that she wanted lots of blue.   We
chose "Shades of Blue" as her wedding theme.  I carried out that theme by using several different
shades of blue linen, napkins and table overlays.  I also used blue sea glass and  floating candle
centerpieces for her guest tables.  The reception was absolutely beautiful.


"In my first meeting with Gail, she took out time to really talk to me and find out exactly what I
wanted.  Of course, I wanted everything, but I really didn't know how to put it all together.  After our
first meeting,  I was able to select my wedding theme, (which, by the way,  I had no idea that I even
needed a theme). From there on in my wedding planning was so easy.  I am so glad that I was
talked into hiring a coordinator, and I suggest that all brides use one.  I loved my coordinator, and
would recommend using her (Gail) for any type of party!  Mine was great."

Tina T.  2003

Kirsten & Art - Renaissance Theme - 250 Guests - Santa Cruz, California

Kirsten knew exactly what she wanted from the beginning.  The services I  
provided to her concentrated on her wedding theme and decoration planning.  
This was my first renaissance wedding theme, so I had to do a little research.  
It turned out to be a very relaxing and fun filled day.  Her family had a ball.

"My wedding turned out exactly as I envisioned it, no actually better.   The violins
and the harp suggestion was a real winner.   It was very romantic.  Thanks for
all of you help.  My Mom really thanks you, as she was able to enjoy the
wedding along with the other guest."  

       Kirsten A.   1997

Elisa & Winston - 40 Guests - Black & Gold Dots - Carmel, California

Elisa grew up in New York, and has very little family here in California.  She just wanted a small
destination type wedding.  The criteria was: outdoors, preferably somewhere near the ocean, (but not
in San Francisco, too cold) and not too far from her home (in Oakland)  for her local guests to travel.


"I am still surprised as to how pretty my wedding was.  Thank you for sticking with me throughout this
crazy wedding planning time.  You really made it fun for me.  You went above and beyond my
expectations when you traveled with me to make my final arrangements with the hotel.  My wedding
pictures look amazing.  We did choose the perfect setting.  The waterfall was great.  Thank you for all
of your help.  I would recommend your service to anyone planning a wedding."

Elisa R.  1992

Diann & Ryan - 300 Guests - Golf Course, Richmond, California

Diann hired me as the result of a referral from her cousins wedding.  Diann already had a
coordinator at the church and she was holding her reception at a reputable country club that
had a catering manager on site as well.  She  hired me  as a coordinator and decorator to
make sure that her large family would be personally taken care of on her wedding day, and to
assist with some very specific decorations she had planned.  


"I'm so glad that I hired a coordinator.  I saw her at my cousins wedding, and I thought it was a
good idea.  I had so many relatives here from out of the country and lots of extra things that
had to go on my guest tables.  I had name cards, special centerpieces for my sponsor tables,
favors.    I had three different types of centerpieces.    Gail helped me with so many details.   
My room (reception) was beautiful.  She added balloons to our dance floor area.  It was just
the extra touch we needed... and the Karaoke.  Another good idea.  Thank you so much Gail,    
  I would highly recommend your services.  We will call you for our anniversary."

Diann P.  2004

Nicole & Jonathan - Asian Feel - 125 Guest - Oakland, California

Nicole was referred to me by one of my corporate clients.  I helped her with all stages of her wedding planning.   Nicole
had only been to a few weddings, and had no idea of how to plan her own.  It was a lot of fun working with a bride who
was so open to suggestions.    We chose very tall glass cylinders and filled them with river rocks and floated large red
roses in them.   I placed the cylinders on top of a large mirror and I added diamond patterned glass covered candles,  
small gift box favors tied with red satin bows at each place setting, together with menu cards.     The reflection from the
candles, the mirror,  and the water made the centerpieces glow.   Her guest tables were stunning.


"I would highly,  highly recommend Gail's services to any bride.  I don't know what I would have done without her.  She
was unbelievably patient with me, and she never got tired of all of my questions.  We spoke every night in the last two
weeks of the wedding.  She was the calm in the storm on my wedding day.  I wish I could do it all again.  It was just
perfect.  My breath was literally taken away when I walked into the reception hall and saw the decorations that I helped
plan.  It was so much better than I had imagined.  I had a perfect, beautiful wedding, like something you'd see in a
magazine.  Good food, good fun.  My relatives are still talking about how pretty it was.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Nicole H.    2005
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Sy & Andrew - Romance and Eternity – 125 Guests – Vallejo, California

Sy and Andrew’s wedding was planned in eight weeks.  Sy wanted a small simple wedding,
“ceremony, food and a cake.  That’s all I need.  I don’t want to make too many decisions about this
wedding,” is what Sy told me at our first meeting.  Andrew, a true romantic, wanted to make his
bride feel like a princess.  It was very refreshing to work with a groom who had very specific ideas.  
“Romance and Eternity” became the wedding theme based on a poem written by the Groom.  
Purple and lavender candles inside large, medium and small glass jars were set at every guest
table.  Romance was definitely on the agenda when the groom surprised the bride with a horse
and a pumpkin shaped carriage accompanied by a coachman who looked like he came from the
pages of the fairy tale.   Their guests were absolutely delighted by the surprise as well.


“My wedding was perfect.  The decorations with all of the candles, the slide show, everything was
more than I could have imagined.  I still can’t believe that you guys pulled off that surprise horse
and carriage.  I really felt like Cinderella.  That was the moment that made me cry.  It was truly the
highlight of the evening.   Thank you so much for giving me more than I could have ever asked for.
I would recommend you to any couple planning a wedding. You are the best!"

Sy N.  2006