Wedding and Event Planning, Coordinating & Decorating Services

Wedding and event planning can be hectic, but Cope With It Productions, (formerly An Affair to
can help to make your special day both memorable and worry free.  We are a full
service wedding and event planning, coordinating, and decorating company.  We can assist you
with developing the theme and atmosphere that you desire by tying all of the elements of your
special occasion (invitations, centerpieces, decorations, party favors, entertainment, cake, food,
other vendors, etc.) together.

In addition to event coordinating, we also specialize in balloon decorations.  Arches and simple
balloon arrangements can go a long way if you are working within a budget. We will work with
your particular budget.  Let us know how much you want to spend and we will help you make
plans that fit your needs.

Gail Copes is the owner of Cope With it Productions (name changed to Cope With it
Productions, from An Affair to Remember, in 2006).  Gail has been decorating and planning
weddings in the Bay Area since 1989.  Her inspiration to start an event decorating business
came in the mid 1980’s, when she was a bridesmaid in a friends’ wedding.  “ The night before
her wedding, my friend realized that she did not have enough decorations for her reception.  She
decided to order balloons, but she didn't’t know how many to order or where to put them.  In
fact, when they arrived the next day, we had no idea of where to put them. I thought, if she
only had someone to provide decorating services, at the very least, that would be one less thing
for her to do.”   Shortly after that, Gail started her own decorating service, specializing in
balloon decorating for weddings.  

Gail concentrated her services on balloon decorating in the beginning.  She specialized in
providing balloon arches and sculptures for weddings and other social events.  She traveled to
balloon conventions and received training to become a certified balloon artist.  She opened a
small balloon store in the Emeryville public market in 1989 to further promote her business.  
After only one year, she decided to take her business back home.  “It was too hard to
concentrate on running a retail balloon business while trying to build up an event decorating
service, so I closed the store front and started offering full service wedding and event planning,
decorating, and coordinating services.”

Before the launch of the website, Cope With it Productions, operated under the company name,
An Affair to Remember.  Although that name precisely describes the end results of contracting
services with Gail, she discovered that there were several other businesses called Affair to
Remember all over the country.  Even worse, two of them were located in the Bay Area.  “I
needed to make sure that my clients could find me online.  I had no choice; I had to change my
company name so that my business wouldn't erroneously go to someone else.  Luckily my last
name was easily adaptable into a catch phrase that can also relate to my business services",
Cope With it Productions.

Call us for a free consultation and decorating ideas.  Let us help to make you wedding day or
your special event, an affair to remember.  Relax and let us help you
Cope with it all.  
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